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Welcome! I’m an archaeologist, currently working at the Laboratory for Traceology and Controlled Experiments (TraCEr) at MONREPOS, Archaeological Research Centre and Museum for Human Behavioural Evolution, RGZM (https://web.rgzm.de/) in Neuwied, Germany. Please find more info about the institute and lab here https://monrepos.rgzm.de/en/tracer/?.

I’m also an Associated Researcher at the ICArEHB, Interdisciplinary Center for Archaeology and Evolution of Human Behavior, University of Algarve (http://www.icarehb.com/).

I’m interested on unraveling early hominin technological evolution, with special fascination on understanding how stone tools were designed, produced, and used in the past. My main interests are focused on the study of why, how, and what for humans transform their technological system and what can those changes tell us about past human behavioral dynamics.

I found intriguing is how technological choices made in the past guided us to what we are today. So, to investigate this topic, I focus on three main lines of study: 1) understanding when and where the design and production of stone tools change over time, 2) the association between tool design (different forms) and tool used, and ultimately, 3) why humans changed the way they design and used their tools, and what does this tell us about changes on the evolution of human behavior.

To address these questions my methodological approach combines different discipline such as, techno-typological analysis, raw material characterization and use-wear analysis (i.e. traceology) and experimental replication.

This website is about my research on Pleistocene Archaeology! The main aim of this personal and independent webpage is to disseminate my research, share data and details about my projects in the lab and field. Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas and/or inputs! They’re all very welcome!

I’ll be regularly updating this site with news on my projects, brief intros to my most recente published papers and other research material. Additionally, you can also find me online on Twitter, GitHub and ResearchGate.


  • Stone tool production, design and use
  • Past hominin technological innovations
  • Paleolithic archaeology
  • Reproducible research and FAIR principles in archaeological research
  • Robots in experimental archaeology


  • Research Group Leader, since 2017


  • Postdoctoral position, 2014-2016


  • PhD in Prehistoric Archaeology, 2013

    ICArEHB (Universidade do Algarve)

  • MA in Archaeology, 2009

    Universidade do Algarve

  • BA in Cultural Heritage, 2007

    Universidade do Algarve



Junior Research Group Leader


Jan 2017 – Present Neuwied, Germany

Adjunct Lecture

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität

Jan 2017 – Present Mainz, Germany

Associated scientist

ICArEHB, International research Centre for archaeology and evolution of Human behavior

Jan 2017 – Present Faro, Portugal

Postodoctoral fellow


Jan 2014 – Dec 2016 Faro, Portugal & Barcelona, Spain

Visiting Assistant Professor

Universidade do Algarve. Faculdade das Ciências Humanas e Sociais

Jan 2013 – Dec 2017 Faro, Portugal

Recent Publications

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Initial Upper Paleolithic bone technology and personal ornaments at Bacho Kiro Cave (Bulgaria)

This paper reports the use-wear analysis of the Osseous artifacts from the Initial Upper Paleolithic of the archaeological site of Bacho Kiro (Bulgaria). Our study shows that various bone tool morphologies have been used on-site to process animal material. The variety of personal ornaments also illustrates the technological flexibility of the early AMH populations that entered Europe”

Using mechanical experiments to study ground stone tool use: Exploring the formation of percussive and grinding wear traces on limestone tools

This paper explores the functionality of Ground Stone tool on Limestone and the formation of use-wear traces. Driven by the tool-type variability observed in the Middle Paleolithic of the Levant, we combine experimental and use-wear analysis through a multi-scale and high-resolution approach. A new experimental setup for percussion and grinding replication is also presented and discussed. These data is a fundamental library for the interpretation of the archaeological record.

Quina Retouch Does Not Maintain Edge Angle Over Reduction

In this study we aimed to evaluate the impact of Quina Retouch on the maintenance of the edge angle on the Middle Paleolithic scrapers. By addressing this question we also discussed past human technological strategies and techniques to improve stone tool function and durability over time.

Evaluating the microscopic effect of brushing stone tools as a cleaning procedure

The main goal of this study was to test the influence of different cleaning procedures applied on micro surface texture of stone tools. With this paper, we also aimed to stress-out the need of adopting cleaning methods that do not affect the microscopi analysis of artifacts surface.

A versatile mechanized setup for controlled experiments in archeology

This paper aims to discuss the contribution of using mechanical apparatus on archaeological experimentation. In this paper, this discussion is illustrated by the presentation of a versatile linear robot used in our experimental workshop at MONREPOS.


StoneUseWear, Using controlled experiments and 3D data quantification to understand stone use-wear formation

The contribution of use-wear and residue analysis for the study of the Earliest Anatomically Modern Humans in Southwestern Iberian Peninsula

The lithic organization and variability during the Gavettian in the Iberian Peninsula

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I everyone! Welcome to my personal webpage. From now on, here you can find the most recent news about my research on Paleolithic Archaeology. This website aims at disseminating my research, including my research interests, most recent published papers, recent talks, news, opportunities, etc. I’ll try to keep it up to date as much as I can! Keep in touch in case you have questions or share similar research interests. Get in touch!

Funding sources


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all different institutions, foundations and societies that have been supporting and funding my research over the last years. These are:

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Making a good (surface texture) impression!

On behalf of all my TraCEr team, I recently gave a talk at the AWRANA meeting, in Barcelona, about some ongoing experiments on using dental molding material to create high-resolution surface texture impressions of artifacts. In this talk we presented our experiments that aim at evaluating the accuracy, resolution, and durability of different types of molding silicone. The results of the experiment are very interesting and exciting, data shows that impressions are quite reliable, even a few months. We also addressed the dichotomy between qualitative and quantitative analysis, while seeking a common protocol between these two complementary approaches. This is a crucial technique not only in the field of use-wear analysis, but also dental micro wear. Further experiments are ongoing, and we hope to publish the results soon!


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Excavation Methods, Culture and Context in Archaeology (ENG)

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