Welcome! I’m an archaeologist, currently working at the Laboratory for Traceology and Controlled Experiments (TraCEr) at MONREPOS (https://monrepos.leiza.de/en), LEIZA (https://www.leiza.de). I’m also an Affiliated Researcher at the ICArEHB (http://www.icarehb.com).

I’m interested on unraveling early hominin technological evolution, with special fascination on understanding how stone tools were designed, produced, and used. I found intriguing how technological choices made in the past guided us to what we are today. To investigate this topic, I focus on artefact analysis, laboratory experiments, and excavation of palaeolithic sites.

This independent website is about my research on Pleistocene Archaeology! The main aim is to disseminate my research, share data and details about my projects in the lab and field. Feel free to get in touch!

I’ll be regularly updating this site with news on my projects, brief intros to my most recent published papers and other research material. Additionally, you can also find me online on Twitter, GitHub and ResearchGate.


  • Stone tool production, design and use
  • Past hominin technological innovations
  • Palaeolithic archaeology
  • Archaeological survey and excavation methods
  • Robots in experimental archaeology


  • Post-doctoral fellowsip, 2014-2017

    ICArEHB and CSCI (Institución Milá y Fontanals)

  • PhD in Prehistoric Archaeology, 2010-2013

    Universidade do Algarve

  • MA in Archaeology, 2007-2009

    Universidade do Algarve

  • BA in Cultural Heritage, 2003-2007

    Universidade do Algarve