Controlled experiments in lithic technology and function

This is an introductory paper to a Special issue based on an organized Symposium at the SAA2017 in Vancouver. The Symposium aimed to bring together researchers working on different aspects of lithic technology and function, which use controlled experimentation to address their questions.

Late Pleistocene Landscape and Settlement Dynamics of Portuguese Estremadura

Here we report the results of an integrated geoarchaeological survey to study Palaeolithic human settlement dynamics in the coastal region of Portuguese Estremadura. The region has been an important focus of human occupation across multiple …

Initial Upper Palaeolithic Homo sapiens from Bacho Kiro Cave, Bulgaria

The Middle to Upper Palaeolithic transition in Europe witnessed the replacement and partial absorption of local Neanderthal populations by Homo sapiens populations of African origin. However, this process probably varied across regions and its …